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I. Handmade artisan jewelry.
i seira is a collection of jewelry in series that is heavily inspired by form and movement with dashes of texture and color. Our jewelry feels both modern and ancient…sculptural and refined…elegant and easy to wear. We veer towards the understated and always with a twist.
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II. Bespoke.
The power of personal adornment…
Artisan jewelry is an intentional process with many opportunities for customizing pieces. Alexa loves to discuss jewelry possibilities and collaborating with her customers is the beauty of creating by hand.
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III. Heirloom quality jewelry.
i seira jewelry is deliberate in its simplicity and elegant on its own, though the series are designed to be worn together and collected over time. Investing in timeless pieces is a considered process - one that creates significant memories and identity.
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IV. About.
i seira [i-SAIR-ra]  'a series or catalog'
"My intuition has always been my true north. I am formally trained as both a dancer and an architect and informally as a student of art and design; these life experiences inform all the pieces that I create. I do not recall the exact moment that I decided to exclusively focus on dance nor do I remember the leap that I took to study architecture. I do know that there has always been a resolute clarity of what comes next at each phase of my life..."
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V. Our Process.
Each piece of jewelry is entirely handmade by i seira founder Alexa Horton using ancient goldsmithing and lost wax carving techniques. All pieces are made using ethical and conscious practices to ensure responsible craftsmanship.
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VI. Explore more, discover our recent creative collaborations and our musings on what it means to be an artist.
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