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A series by Alexa Horton

I-SAIR-ra]  'a series or catalog’

My intuition has always been my true north. I am formally trained as both a dancer and an architect and informally as a student of art and design; these life experiences inform all the pieces that I create. I do not recall the exact moment that I decided to exclusively focus on dance nor do I remember the leap that I took to study architecture. I do know that there has always been a resolute clarity of what comes next at each phase of my life. 

"There is a continuum in my artistic endeavors that has guided me to designing and making jewelry."

'i seira', translated from Greek, means a series, a catalog.

When I began this new artistic journey, I thought quite a bit about beginnings & my Greek heritage was my first cultural reference when I was a child.

"i seira is a series of fine jewelry that is the culmination of all the artistic experiences of my life."

Each piece of my jewelry is handmade and I favor the color and luster of high carat gold. In all types of design, my aesthetic remains consistent. I veer towards the understated but always with a twist.  Often inspired by art and architecture, my hope is that my work feels both modern and ancient, sculptural and refined, elegant and easy to wear. I am a subscriber of the idea of quality over quantity and believe in collecting pieces to be worn forever.


Please email me for any enquiries regarding i seira pieces or for brand collaborations.

Site Photography by Taylor Tupy, Alain Simic and Monique Juliette Baron.