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To jewelry, with love...

To jewelry, with love...

i ...It was not love at first sight. Though I do have distinct childhood memories of a fascination with a ring of my mother's and my grandmother’s gold necklace with a hexagonal diamond that she was never without, I cannot say that I always had a deep and consuming love affair with jewelry. Design? Absolutely. The Arts? YES! But jewelry as a measure of adornment or collection….you could consider me more of an observer.

ii. By nature I am a thoughtful consumer…unless “it” is just right, I would rather go without. I have always known what I liked (I am not an easy person for whom to purchase)…and to what I am attracted. When I love something, I will love it for a very long time. I began to make jewelry because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted...I created what I love.

iii. What I love in jewelry design is a fusion of classic, minimal, sculptural, effortlessly elegant and understated luxury. Wearability and versatility are also incredibly important to me when I invest in pieces. In the midst of winter in New England, and covered in layers of sweaters, I play with a rotation of earrings....the asymmetric hoops (small and large depending on my mood), the pod studs, the concave studs with pavé and the geometric pod drops. Nothing brightens the dark days like glowing 22k gold!

iv. What do you love? I am eager to hear.

Alexa x

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