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Inspired by Alexa's past as an architect and dancer, i seira’s sculptural series employs movement, curves, and edges. Intended to feel dynamic and empowering, designed to stack and customize.
22k Capped Gemstone Drop22k Capped Gemstone Drop
22k Capped Gemstone Drop Sale priceFrom $700
Tapered Gold DropTapered Gold Drop
Tapered Gold Drop Sale price$1,435
Small Sculptural EarringsSmall Sculptural Earrings
Small Sculptural Earrings Sale price$2,045
Large Sculptural EarringsLarge Sculptural Earrings
Large Sculptural Earrings Sale price$5,640
Small Abstracted ClimbersSmall Abstracted Climbers
Small Abstracted Climbers Sale priceFrom $1,090
Large Abstracted ClimbersLarge Abstracted Climbers
Large Abstracted Climbers Sale priceFrom $1,555
Sculptural Climber EarringsSculptural Climber Earrings
Sculptural Stud Earrings
Sculptural Stud Earrings Sale price$1,035
Sculptural Pin ISculptural Pin I
Sculptural Pin I Sale price$2,850
Sculptural Pin IISculptural Pin II
Sculptural Pin II Sale price$3,850
Sculptural Ring ISculptural Ring I
Sculptural Ring I Sale price$1,990
Sculptural Ring IISculptural Ring II
Sculptural Ring II Sale price$5,870
Sculptural Ring IIISculptural Ring III
Sculptural Ring III Sale price$3,750
Sculptural Ring III with PavéSculptural Ring III with Pavé
Sculptural Ring IVSculptural Ring IV
Sculptural Ring IV Sale price$2,930
One-of-a-kind Sculptural RingOne-of-a-kind Sculptural Ring
Abstracted Climber Pendant NecklaceAbstracted Climber Pendant Necklace
Sculptural Pendant NecklaceSculptural Pendant Necklace
Sculptural Stud + Gemstone Drops