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09 / 21 / 2022

What a journey...

"I will never stop learning and yearning to push forward, to  refine techniques, to discover new ideas and  to create new pieces and series."
What a JOURNEY. I started i seira five years ago this month, with four finished pieces, a hell of a lot of ideas, much determination and a dash of gumption.
My previous career as an architect taught me to curate. I can edit ideas like a rockstar and it has served me well in this new career, though the life of an artist is often plagued with self-doubt, I am grateful to have found amazing teachers and like-minded friends to guide me. I will never stop learning and yearning to push forward, to refine techniques, discover new ideas and to create new pieces and series.
A Eucalyptus ring was the first piece that I made, a single piece of eucalyptus became the threshold of my business. It was the point of departure for the first series from which many pieces were created.
I have since retired this piece, but it was a part of the first series, the Eucalyptus earrings were designed to mix + match + double up. Investing in pieces to be worn in many ways has always been a central design tenet.